Embedded Software Engineer

Who we are

Machines Talk, We Listen. Augury is disrupting the billion dollar Industrial Internet of Things market. The combination of vibration and ultrasonic sensors with powerful machine learning algorithms enables our technology to detect malfunctions before they occur. Our solution impacts the bottom line for customers by reducing maintenance costs, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Augury is looking for a Embedded Software Engineer who is passionate about building IoT devices. You will be part of a fast-moving and cutting-edge development team, located in Haifa, of our end-to-end embedded IoT system.

A day in your life here

You will design and develop embedded systems for IoT Edge devices and Hardware communications drivers:

  • Connect sensors to IoT devices via BLE and other IoT protocols (6LoWPAN/Bluetooth Mesh/…).
  • Connect IoT devices to the cloud via wireless and cellular networks.
  • Optimize the communication between IoT devices and sensors for scalability, efficiency and power consumption.
  • Deploy code continuously to customers remote IoT devices.
  • Build slim Linux based firmware images.
  • Develop communication protocols for sensors to do signal processing and run algorithms in edge devices
  • Define and continuously improve the security of our IoT products.


What you bring

  • Education: BSc degree in electrical engineering or computer science.
  • This is your playground: you are experienced in developing applications/drivers in userspace Linux. Kernel development is a plus. You have worked with different communication protocols/standards (e,g, Wifi/BLE). Experience with Buildroot /Yocto project is a plus.
  • Passionate about Embedded system: You like to build and deploy projects, have a strong sense of IoT based technologies and are able to create robust development.  
  • Agile: You excel in an energetic and fast-paced start-up environment. You love challenges, are open-minded and embrace changes. You are experienced in short development cycles with fast learning.

About Us

We love creating stuff. We are passionate about building meaningful products that can change the world. Our team is a diverse group of people that breed creative thinking and are not ashamed of having fun. We are only as good as the relationships we build - we treat each other with respect, dignity,  and humility. We don’t pursue the mythical work-life balance - there is only life, and Augury is a part of it.

Other Perks

  • Stock options
  • Extended paid parental leave
  • Flex PTO

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