Augury to Host Strategic Webinar on Calculating the ROI of Predictive Maintenance

Webinar to Investigates How to Ease Implementation through Communicating the Value of Predictive Maintenance

NEW YORK, NY — Augury, the Industrial Internet of Things technology company based in New York and Israel, today announced that Jon Biagiotti, Product Marketing Manager at Augury, will host a webinar exploring the return on investment (ROI) of predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies and introduce clear, tangible steps to measure and communicate it within the organization.

The webinar will address how PdM can significantly improve operations in various facilities. Participants will learn the numerous ways to measure the ROI of a PdM solution, and subsequently produce a hard dollar estimate. Biagiotti also will discuss ways in which to communicate this ROI internally, easing the implementation process and leading to a stronger maintenance program.

“Defining and measuring the ROI of predictive maintenance creates a significant operational advantage for any entity,” said Biagiotti. “This webinar will inform attendees on how to quickly and easily implement strategies that will help them navigate complex environments.”

What: Augury to present webinar “Calculating the ROI of your Predictive Maintenance Strategy”

Who: Jon Biagiotti, Product Marketing Manager at Augury

When: Tuesday, May 15th at 12 p.m. ET

Where: Calculating the ROI of your Predictive Maintenance Strategy

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