Alluvium Among 10 Hot AI-powered IoT Startups

This week, Network World featured Alluvium as one of ten hot AI-powered IoT Startups, in an article penned by Jeff Vance. Most of the other companies included in the roundup are also in the industrial analytics space, and this is a highly competitive field, so we are honored to be included on this list.

This article is quite practical in the way it highlights each startup. Not only do they list basic facts about the organization, but they have articulated the problems each company solves and how they go about solving them.

Also included for each company is a section highlighting why the startup is worthy of inclusion on the list. One of Alluvium’s contributing factors is that we approach complex problems in a noisy market with our eyes squarely focused on simplicity.

At the heart of our approach is our Stability Score, a simple metric pulls together collected or real-time industrial asset, sensor, and operational data to help companies pinpoint areas of concern, successfully prevent downtime and failures, and optimize production.

Our CEO Drew Conway neatly summed up what we do here at Alluvium:

“We take the most complex production systems in the world and reduce them down into a set of metrics that anyone can understand, and all organizations can benefit from.”

— Drew Conway, CEO Alluvium

Read and learn more about us and the other nine companies in the article on NetworkWorld’s site. Further, if you would like to learn more about how Alluvium Primer can help your company, request demo today.