Applying Data Science Effectively

Today you can find Drew Conway on the Data Journeys podcast, a podcast that focuses on the learning paths of today’s top data scientists and how those paths—and the experiences along the way—helped make these men and women into who they are today. Host AJ Goldstein and Drew cover a wide range of territory including some of Drew’s formidable experiences that ultimately helped inform the trajectory of his work and career. They also cover Drew’s work at Alluvium, and how we approach problem-solving here.

“Anytime you have well-articulated business problems, data, and people, there’s a huge opportunity for data science and machine learning tools to be effective.”

— Drew Conway

This three-pronged paradigm is often found in industrial facilities like oil refineries and power plants, which is why Alluvium can come into these situations ready and able to help these companies effectively utilize the treasure troves of data they have on hand.

To learn more about the podcast, visit the episode page on the Data Journeys site, where you can find show notes and links to the various podcasting platforms.