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Beta start

Today we have accomplished another major step in Augury’s journey. We just began our first beta program with one of the largest and most respected service companies in the U.S. During the coming weeks we will deploy our systems in multiple branches across the states. Their technicians will use our platform on a daily basis, helping us build the largest machine-recording database in the world.

The beta will include six branches across the states, from New York to Los Angeles, and two very large facilities in the Philadelphia area. Our system will be used by 20 technicians on their daily routine to record and analyze pumps, fans and chillers. The usage and performance will be tracked by the partner’s global headquarters (using our management platform) and will be compared to the KPIs that were set beforehand.

The device that was given to the technicians is our fourth iteration of the hardware. It is a fully functioning prototype, with our production electronics circuit inside it. It has the same form, but is not as rugged as the final version (right image) will be. The final product will be military-grade, waterproof and dust-proof (IP-67).

We are waiting for feedback from the beta program in order to fine-tune and finalize the design before going into final production. All in all, 50 units were made of this version – 20 of them went to the first customer and we plan to have another large-scale beta in the upcoming months.

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