Industry – Pet Foods //
Machine – Extruder //
Fault Type – Bearing Wear + Misalignment //

In early July 2020 the world was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and households across the world were acquiring pets in record numbers. With a surplus of demand and few people allowed on the plant floor, this Pet Food Manufacturer could not afford to operate in firefighting mode. Luckily, this team had Augury’s system in place.

Augury’s powerful AI and machine learning algorithms were able to identify slow bearing wear on the motor of a critical extruder, classifying the machine initially in ‘Monitor.’ Over the next 7-months the extruder’s health deteriorated from ‘Monitor’ to ‘Danger’ – the most severe Machine Health classification. During that time period, Augury’s system kept the team well informed of the machine’s bearing wear status and also flagged moderate misalignment developing as well.

Bearing Wear Detected 7-months In Advance During An Unprecedented Time Period

With an extensive amount of time to plan, the team at this Pet Food Manufacturing facility was able to avoid unplanned downtime and execute the most cost-efficient repair in April of 2021. A great example of world class operations and proactive maintenance, despite unprecedented circumstances!