Building an IoT Startup

On the this week’s episode #FutureofData podcast, Drew Conway and podcast host Vishal Kumar switch up gears and discuss building an IoT Startup that focuses on industrial customers, like we do here at Alluvium.

The idea for Alluvium was born out of the time Drew spent in working in the U.S. intelligence community early in his career. Drew was part of a team that made data-based decisions from the treasure trove of data generated by machine sensors, vehicle sensors, and many other places. During his time in the intelligence community, he got a feel for what it took to build data analysis products that actually helped people improve how they performed their jobs and become more effective in their work.

“I eventually realized that the kind of technology problems that I was interested in solving and best suited to solve are problems for people working in sensor-reliant industries.” — Drew Conway

Utilizing sensor data to help people better perform their jobs and to help positively impact a company’s bottom line are fundamental to our products.

To catch all of Drew and Vishal’s conversation, you can watch the video podcast below, or find it elsewhere on LinkedInYouTube, or iTunes. You can also find out more about Drew and Vishal’s first interview in this post.