ChangeOver, Machine Health event

ChangeOver brings the manufacturing industry together to build a world where we can always rely on the machines that matter. The ChangeOver team invites manufacturing professionals to submit speaking proposals for the event which takes place September 21-22, 2021.

Towards insight-driven manufacturing

Join maintenance and reliability leaders, VPs of manufacturing and supply chain, analysts and OEMs, technologists and change agents in giving practical tips and awe-inspiring new ideas on how to make an industry-wide changeover to insight-driven manufacturing.

We need you to make the event a success! We welcome submissions from industry professionals, academics, analysts, consultants and vendors. Consultant and vendor proposals will only be considered if paired with a co-presenter from a manufacturing company.

Our 2021 tracks and themes are listed below. You can submit your speaker proposals in this form. Submissions are due latest July 1, 2021 and will be evaluated and chosen by the ChangeOver team on a rolling basis.

Technical Thought Leadership

Technology gives manufacturers new capabilities. In this track, we’ll explore the latest technology for generating insights into assets and operations. Sessions cover technical advances, machine learning in manufacturing and value-added insights.

Example themes and topics include:

New Technology for New Machine Insights

  • Diagnosing electrical transformers.
  • Machine Learning models for assets and operations, e.g. fault diagnostics models.
  • Latest trends in machine technology

Machine Learning in Manufacturing

  • Machine Learning basics for maintenance and reliability professionals
  • No-code AI in manufacturing
  • AI risks in manufacturing and how to mitigate them
  • Explainable AI for manufacturing

Value-added Insights

  • Combining machine health insights with operational, quality or other insights
  • Using machine health insights for asset management
  • Using machine health insights for smart quality
  • Technical standards or APIs to share machine data or insights
  • Securing the smart factory: Cybersecurity for assets and operations

Digital Transformation for Today

Digital transformation is accelerating. This track will explore how machine insight transforms businesses. Sessions cover topics such as goals and KPIs, technology roadmaps, adoption and change management. 

Example themes and topics include:

Transformation Goals, Roadmaps and Metrics

  • Post-COVID manufacturing: Building agility, flexibility and resilience
  • Post-COVID manufacturing: Reshoring and glocalization
  • Technology roadmaps; Which technologies will you deploy first and why? What worked and what didn’t in part deployments?
  • Tracking transformation: Metrics and KPIs

Adoption and Change Management

  • Driving adoption of a new Industry 4.0 use case
  • Quick Wins: Capturing, quantifying and communicating value
  • Scaling from Day One: Planning a rollout with scale in mind
  • Escaping pilot purgatory: Tips and tricks
  • Machine Health for Managers: How to move the metrics that matter

Transformation Stories

  • Real-world stories of how leading manufacturers have used machine insights to transform their business

Workforce Transformation

The new manufacturing worker is equally at ease with bits and bolts. This track explores building the hybrid workforce. Sessions cover new skills, roles and career paths and creating autonomous, cross-functional factory floor teams.

Example themes and topics include:

New Skills, Roles and Career Path

  • What new skills are needed in maintenance, reliability and beyond?
  • Techniques to tackle skills shortages
  • New roles and career paths in manufacturing
  • Quantifying the business case for reskilling
  • How manufacturing education and training needs to change

New Teams and Methodologies

  • Building autonomous, cross-functional factory floor teams
  • Methodologies to support the work of these new teams
  • From managing down to enabling autonomous teams
  • The myth of the lights-out factory: How to run an insight-driven facility

Workforce Success Stories

  • Real-life examples of upskilling and reskilling programs in manufacturing
  • Real-life examples of introducing new team structures or methodologies

The Insight Ecosystem

The machine ecosystem of equipment suppliers, academics, tech vendors and standards bodies is expanding. This track explores this evolving ecosystem of insight. Sessions cover ecosystem building, integrations and interoperability.

Ecosystem Building

  • Your guide to the growing Machine Health ecosystem
  • The future of the ecosystem – how can it create more value for everyone?
  • New capabilities enabled by the ecosystem
  • Demos and workshops on ecosystem solutions

Integrations and Interoperability

  • Integrations between ecosystem products
  • Standards or APIs to share data or insights within the ecosystem

Ecosystem success stories

  • Joint case studies between two or more ecosystem players
  • High-value projects involving an ecosystem player and a manufacturing customer
  • Ecosystems in other industries and how they provide value

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