Watch: CEO Drew Conway on the #FutureofData video podcast

On the latest episode of the #FutureofData podcast Drew Conway and podcast host Vishal Kumar discuss the hot topic of socially responsive data science practices. Drew is also a co-founder of DataKind, a global non-profit network of pro bono data scientists.

“One of the hardest things about doing data science is actually finding an interesting problem and then answering it.” — Drew Conway

This premise helped fuel the idea that eventually became DataKind, which started with a single event and is now a worldwide organization with chapters all over the globe. Organizations like DataKind helps spur a global movement of data science organizations dedicated to advancing the greater social good.

If you are a data scientist who is interested in being a part of DataKind, you can apply on their site to become a volunteer. If you’re a data scientist or ML engineer looking for their next opportunity, please visit our Careers page to view our position listings.

You can watch the video podcast below, or find it elsewhere LinkedInYoutube, or iTunes. Part two of this interview will follow next week, and we will share it here. Stay tuned!