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Augury was just featured in this month’s issue of the Direct Industry magazine. This month they magazine is focusing on the “Future of Manufacturing”. It includes a very good review of Industrial Internet/Machine2Machine/Internet of Things technologies and is very well worth the read.
We were contacted by their editors due to our unique approach to Predictive Maintenance. It is heartwarming for Augury to be recognized as a thought leader in the industry.

Read the full article here.

From the article:

Low-cost Prediction Tool

However, one start-up believes it can provide predictive maintenance at a fraction of the price of the big data companies. Israel-based Augury has developed a predictive maintenance tool that plugs straight into a smartphone and combines both data collection with traditional vibration and ultrasound monitoring.

“What we are doing is combining data with the old way of doing things,” says Augury co-founder Saar Yoskovitz. He says their vibration and ultrasound sensor costs as little as US$ 1,000, a fraction of traditional vibration and ultrasound tools used in the past, yet they adhere to the same industry standards (vibration: ISI 10816, and ultrasound: ISI 18436-8).

But the big advantage of Augury’s solution is its user-friendly nature. “Anybody can use it,” says Yoskovitz. “Specific faults have unique vibration and ultrasound signatures and the sensors pick these up. In the old days, you needed a highly skilled technician to decode this data, but in our system, your smart phone will tell you exactly what is wrong with your machine.”

Their device, which also comes with a web platform for recording and analyzing the data, has already saved one of Israel’s largest food manufacturers US$ 120,000 in motor replacement’s cost and downtime, by picking up on a fault on one of their cooling systems.

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