Drew Conway Podcast: Balancing the Tension

The IoT-Inc podcast recently published an episode featuring Drew Conway and the podcast’s host Bruce Sinclair discussing and examining the strained relationship between informed analytics and blackbox artificial intelligence, among many more topics!

Our value to our customers should be increased every time they use our products because the learning is transferable.

— Drew Conway

Episode highlights include:

  • AI versus advanced analytics: the differences and the situations for which each is best suited
  • Drew’s own Data Science Venn Diagram
  • What to consider before applying AI or analytics to a problem
  • How transfer learning is currently used in industrial settings
  • Why developing a stellar training data set is critical to success
  • When interpreting real-world situations: exploring why general models in machine learning often trump science-based analytical models

You can hear the full episode on the IoT-Inc site, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.