Machine Health for Supporting Equipment: More Value, More Insights, More Assets!

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Design Systems Engineer

Augury raises $180 Million to become one of the first Industry 4.0 Unicorns. New strategic investors, commercial agreements and a valuation of over $1 billion confirm Machine Health as Industry 4.0’s killer app. The new funding will enable us to expand globally, create offerings for new industries such as energy, and continue to innovate in our core manufacturing market to help customers improve the reliability, resiliency and efficiency of their machines and operations.

We are on a mission to build a world where people can always rely on the machines that matter. Industrial machines power our world. They generate energy, deliver water and make the essential products we use every day from pet food to vaccines.

Augury is a pioneer in Machine Health solutions for manufacturing and other industrial sectors. Machine Health uses the Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to predict and prevent industrial machine failures, and improve machine performance, so manufacturers can keep the shelves stocked in your local supermarket.

Being a Frontend Developer in the Design Systems team requires an understanding of the design-develop ecosystem. Our ideal candidate is proficient in engineering and have a passion for responsive, accessible, and user-friendly UI. As part of a service-providing team, you would be dealing with multiple aspects like development, design, and product dependencies daily.

A Day In Your Life

  • Understand the design-develop ecosystem
  • Develop and maintain efficient solutions and features for our design system environment, i.e. components library, design tokens, internal and external documentation services, design-development tools, etc.
  • Design, develop and maintain UI components which are beautiful both on the outside (UX) and the inside (DX)
  • Partner with Designers, Engineers and Product Managers to reach your common goal of improving the product and user experience
  • Create clear documentation for developers on many topics
  • Work closely with Designers and QA to make sure that the visual designs are translated perfectly to code
  • Ability to prioritize and manage several milestones efficiently
What You Bring
  • Experience: You have an understanding of UI composition patterns and principles of building a shared UI library
  • Your Stack is preferably React, styled-components, styled-system or similar
  • Take advantage of years of industry best practices to apply and maintain a scalable, modern style architecture which caters to multi-offering, white-labeled application(s) used by dozens of developers and thousands of users
  • Take ownership of the system in terms of adoption and contribution. Define new processes around it with the relevant stakeholders
  • Be the advocate and ambassador of our design system internally and externally


  • Stock options
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flex PTO

Meet Augury's R&D Team:

Augury is a people-first organization. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment in which employees feel encouraged to share their unique perspectives, leverage their strengths, and act authentically. We know that diverse teams are strong teams, and we welcome those from all backgrounds and varying experiences. We are committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. We believe that diversity is more than just good intentions, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Augury is a proud equal opportunity employer, we strive to create a work environment in which everyone, all applicants, employees, customers, guests, and vendors feel safe and comfortable. We commit to maintain a workplace that is free of any type of harassment and does not tolerate anyone intimidating, humiliating, or hurting others. We prohibit willful discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, color, religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, sexual identity or expression, military or veteran status, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.