Frontend Developer

Machines Talk, We Listen. We are all surrounded by machines and rely on them in everything we do - from the buildings in which we live and work, the goods that we consume, to the power and running water that we use. We are on a mission to make machines more reliable and reduce their impact on the environment. Our Machine Health platform combines Artificial Intelligence and IoT, to generate insights that help customers lower costs, reduce downtime, and increase supply chain resilience.

As a front-end Software Developer, you will work in an autonomous, multidisciplinary squad that tackles challenges in a particular domain of our Machine Health product. As a focal point of front-end related architectural challenges, you will have a meaningful impact on shaping our product and on the ability to increase the development velocity of our web application.

A Day In Your Life

  • Own and lead end to end deliverables: design, testing, implementation and deployment.
  • Put your front-end abilities into action within the squad.
  • Work closely with different disciplines (Backend/Mobile, Data Engineering, Design, Product, and more), collaborating together as part of the squad’s lifecycle.
  • Collaborate with discipline members on code reviews and design challenges.
  • Keep our front end tech stack and architecture up to date with industry-standards, drive for iterative improvements, and push for best practices and innovation.
  • Collaborate on company-wide initiatives by reviewing new product specifications and engineering design reviews from other squads and disciplines.
What You Bring
  • Your Playground - You are a front-end developer by heart who also likes to spice things up with full-stack responsibilities. You love exploring and being an early adopter of cutting edge technologies. You are passionate about planning, designing, and implementing solutions in order to drive the business forward.
  • Your Stack
    • At least 3 years of experience in a modern front-end framework (Angular, React, Vue etc.) in a live production environment.
    • Experience in design systems / reusable UI components (using storybook, styled-system, styled-components...).
    • Testing in multiple layers (unit, component, e2e).
    • Big plus - experience with data flow and state management (e.g RxJS, Redux), scaling web applications - migrating  existing production apps to new technologies, and front-end infrastructure and build tools (front-end server, deployment, Webpack).
    • You bring at least basic back-end programming capabilities (NodeJS/Go/Python) and NoSQL database knowledge (e.g MongoDB, Redis or other similar).
  • Own it
    • You own your deliverables, end to end: design, testing, implementation, deployment.
    • You are no stranger to  “frontend infrastructure” such as setting up a dev environment and debugging your code in the cloud.
    • Clean code, perceived Performance  and user experience are in your blood.
  • Team player - You love to collaborate with people. You believe that great communication, sharing your experience and learning from others, are the way to live and work.

About Us

We love creating stuff. We are passionate about building meaningful products that can change the world. Our team is a diverse group of people that breed creative thinking and are not afraid of having fun. We treat each other with respect, dignity, and humility - we are only as good as the relationships we build. We don’t pursue the mythical work-life balance - there is only life, and Augury is a part of it.


Stock options
Paid parental leave
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