Senior Backend Engineer

Machines Talk, We Listen. We are all surrounded by machines and rely on them in everything we do - from the buildings in which we live and work, the goods that we consume, to the power and running water that we use. We are on a mission to make machines more reliable and reduce their impact on the environment. Our Machine Health platform combines Artificial Intelligence and IoT, to generate insights that help customers lower costs, reduce downtime, and increase supply chain resilience.

As a Senior Backend Developer, you will have the opportunity to lead initiatives, bring cutting edge technologies to the backend technological stack, and design solutions to complex architectural challenges.
As part of the Backend team, you will make your mark on a growing startup by offering Open APIs and flexible cloud solutions. Have a direct impact on the growth of our users and data by evolving our microservices architecture.


A Day In Your Life

As a senior backend developer, you will be faced with complex challenges 

  • You will take our microservice architecture to the next level with the purpose of standardizing our APIs for both internal services and external enterprise integration
  • Support rapid product evolution and growth in platform usage 
  • Keep our backend tech stack and architecture up to date with industry standards.


What You Bring

  • You are a strong backend developer that is passionate about planning, designing, and implementing solutions to complex architectural problems.
  • Your stack- You love exploring and being an early adopter of cutting edge technologies. Experienced with at least one of the following: Python, Go, Nodejs, Java, or similar. You have experience working with Databases (NoSQL as an advantage).
  • Your playground- You design and development services as part of a microservices architecture, deploying to a major cloud provider (Google, AWS, etc.) using CI/CD workflows. Experience with Multi-Cloud deployments is an advantage.
    You are experienced with challenges of designing and\or implementing industry-standard Open\Public APIs\SDKs, applying your knowledge and experience with at least one of the following: REST\GraphQL. 
  • Own it- You are eager to make an impact and you know how to drive new technological perspectives and initiatives.
  • Team player- You love working with people. You want to be a part of a team that enjoys sharing different technological approaches and have the opportunity to coach and shares your learnings from past experience.

About Us

We love creating stuff. We are passionate about building meaningful products that can change the world. Our team is a diverse group of people that breed creative thinking and are not afraid of having fun. We treat each other with respect, dignity, and humility- we are only as good as the relationships we build. We don’t pursue the mythical work-life balance - there is only life, and Augury is a part of it.

Other Perks

  • Stock options
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flex PTO

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