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“In our implementations so far, we’ve had 100% accuracy in our predictions. We’ve had no misses. This is offering so much value, so quickly, at a relatively low barrier to entry. We should consider our capacity to deliver to be infinite.” Jim Hunt, Corporate Digital Value Delivery Leader, DuPont

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“Trying to run a modern manufacturing plant without predictive maintenance is like trying to drive at night without your headlights. You would never do it. The headlights are telling you what the hazards are, what the obstacles are that you’re about to encounter or collide with on the road. And that’s exactly what predictive maintenance tells you. It tells you what are things that are going to cause you to have a problem.” Tim Holmes, Principal Consultant, Industrial Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, DuPont
“This is the technology of the future, and the products we make here are the products of the future – and if you’re going to make the products of the future, you can’t use the technology of the past.” Sanjay Rajput, Senior Reliability Engineer, DuPont Nomex®