Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Predict and Prevent Downtime with Machine Health

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Augury's Machine Health platform uses AI to identify machine malfunctions and
provides actionable insights to help your team eliminate unplanned downtime.
Operate with the peace of mind knowing that your assets are monitored and protected 24/7.

Machine Health Keeps Your Operations and Production
Running at Their Best

Industry-leading manufactures are seeing benefits up to:

Reduction of machine downtime
Improvement in labor productivity
Increase in
Decrease in cost
of quality

Efficiently and Confidently Correct
the Root Cause of Machine Health

Prescriptive and Actionable Machine
Health Insights

Help your team act with confidence that
they're correcting the root cause of any
malfunctions. Verify repairs and view full
machine health histories on our web-based

Dedicated Customer Success

CSMs help unlock the full value of your
machine health initiative from onboarding
new users, to training and sharing reliability
best practices

Powerful and Intuitive Platform

Visualize machine health at the individual
asset, facility, and regional levels to help you
make informed and impactful reliability

Machine Health Helps Your Team

Increase Uptime

Eliminate failures with accurate and actionable machine health insights – allowing your team to prevent individual assets from halting production in the first place

Reduce Maintenance

Detailed and prescriptive machine health alerts lead to efficient repairs that
address the root cause of malfunctions
– increasing asset life cycles and reducing downtime for repairs

Minimize Risk

Remote continuous monitoring protects technicians from recording on hard to reach or dangerous equipment while ensuring machines are working optimally for a safe work environment

How it Works

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With the help of Augury, a Roseburg plant in Simsboro Louisiana, is deploying a digital machine health tool across their plant as part of their renewed focus on manufacturing reliability systems. Within six months of deployment, the site had prevented a total of $472,000 in downtime costs related to mechanical failures.

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