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Flip This Factory

Your manufacturing plant has good bones… but let’s face it, there are some problems, and they’re not just cosmetic. Unexpected equipment failure and inefficient processes create a dramatic domino effect cutting into your profits and company morale.

Your manufacturing plant has good bones… but let’s face it, there are some problems, and they’re not just cosmetic. Unexpected equipment failure and inefficient processes create a dramatic domino effect cutting into your profits and company morale.

Lean Into Industry 4.0

We’ll help you flip your factory into the facility of your dreams so you can achieve total Production Health.

In this five-part webinar series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Update your approach to Machine Health–and defeat downtime with optimized assets
  • Upgrade your processes with Process Health–and reduce waste, loss, and emissions while increasing throughput and yield
  • Upskill your people, transforming the way they work

Each webisode will focus on a specific area of production health, with learning outcomes and actionable takeaways you can start implementing immediately.

Finish All Five webisodes to get certified and become a “Production Health Pro” – ready for your own factory flip!

As we journey through each webisode, experts from across the manufacturing world will join us as we demo and reno using modern tools: industrial AI and IoT.

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Design Your Own Downtime with an orange square.
Webisode 1

Design Your Own Downtime

On Demand

Unplanned, unnecessary downtime is a drain on your facility. It impacts the bottom line, worker safety, company morale, and more. In fact, a recent Plant Services report revealed 40% of manufacturers experience unplanned downtime on a weekly or monthly basis. A further 34% said that unplanned downtime presents the biggest threat to meeting their production targets.

In this webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re going down to the studs and rebuilding machine health with a predictive maintenance mindset. We’ll cover how purpose-built AI and Industrial IoT:

  • Optimize your production and maintenance planning
  • Increase capacity, OEE, and unlock capital
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Increase safety and morale

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Evaluate technology solutions
  • Move beyond pilot purgatory
  • Drive measurable value with a wide-reaching impact on your business
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Webisode 2

Does Your Spare Parts Storage Bring You Joy?

On Demand

Ongoing supply chain issues have made the purchasing and delivery of spare parts a headache. With prices doubling over the last few years and lead times between 28 to 50 weeks, manufacturers either overstock parts for “just in case” situations or are stranded without parts when they need them. Sound familiar?

In this webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re venturing into your storage facility and all those places where you’ve squirreled away spare parts in case of equipment failure. We’re going to show you how an AI and IoT-powered asset care strategy:

  • Predicts the actual inventory you need on hand
  • Perfects your spare parts budget
  • Protects the lifespan of your machines

Join us as we use predictive maintenance to optimize maintenance activities and declutter with purpose. Get ready to experience some joy!

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Webisode 3

Planning for More Output

On Demand

Like hardwood beneath a linoleum floor, there are treasures to uncover in your own machines and processes. But it’s hard to find them when production schedules are constrained by breakdowns and scheduled shutdowns. Outdated processes can make continuous improvement almost impossible as well. The result? Output and quality are sacrificed due to poor forecasting and material shortages…and you waste product, miss production goals, lose market share to competitors, and take a hit to your reputation.

In the latest webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re shining a light on the hidden reserves within your equipment and processes. But it’s going to take a thoughtful approach to maximize the yield and capacity of your production. So roll up your sleeves as we dig into AI-driven actionable insights and outline a plan for:

  • Higher output
  • Increased revenue and margins
  • Better market share
  • Increased product safety and quality compliance
  • Overall reduction in manufacturing costs
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Webisode 4

Building Less Wasteful, More Sustainable Production

On Demand

Raise your hand if you want to increase throughput and control quality and yield while reducing waste and improving sustainability. Good–we see you, and we’re here to help.

Just like renovations increasingly focus on green building materials and LEED certifications–your factory flip can, and should, focus on cutting waste, energy, and emissions. But inefficient machines, poor processes, and uncontrolled shutdowns won’t get you the results you need.

In this webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re honing in on data-driven decision making, aided by AI and IoT. Pull up a seat as we go over the blueprints to:

  • Reduce waste and scrap with more efficient, predictable production lines
  • Dynamically manage and reduce raw material and input through process optimization
  • Align these activities across business objectives including sustainability, cost, quality, and yield
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Webisode 5

A New Way of Working

On Demand

With AI and IoT-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics, you’ve seen how Production Health can overhaul your facilities, bringing them into the modern age.

But the biggest overhaul isn’t about machines. And it isn’t about processes. It’s about something much bigger than that. It’s about people and how they work.

In the final webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re getting to the heart of the matter. Manufacturing is struggling to attract new talent as experienced workers retire. Workers on the plant floor today need tools to help them deal with increasing workloads and demands.

So gather around the water cooler for a discussion on the future of work and what it means to successfully roll out and grow AI solutions across your business. Learn how AI puts the future of work in the hands of your people, so they can:

  • Bypass pilot purgatory
  • Integrate new technology into their workflows
  • Shift towards continuous improvement and higher value work
  • Change work culture, morale, and retention

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