Digital Machine Health For

Food & Beverage

Top food and beverage manufacturers trust
Augury to help them eliminate unplanned
downtime and unnecessary maintenance tasks

How We’ve Helped Our Customers

Saved in 1 week by preventing a critical filler failure (Bottled Water Manufacturing Facility)
Production Hours Saved within 6 Months (F&B Manufacturing Facility)
Bottles of Beer Saved and Production Loss Avoided within 1 Month (Beer Bottling Facility)
5x ROI
Return on investment in as little as three months

Augury Machine Health for Food and Beverage

How It Works

Wireless sensor icon

Smart sensors monitor your machines 24/7

Diagnostic icon

Algorithms diagnose malfunctions, provide alerts and recommendations

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You get full visibility of machine health across your facilities

“”Augury's technology highlighted some serious defects with my servo motors. My team was able to work with operations to change their operational strategy. This drastically reduced our unplanned downtime.Reliability Engineer, Bottling Organization

Get Results From Day One,
Not ‘One Day’

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About Us

We envision a world where people can always rely on the machines that matter. Our mission is to provide our partners with superior insights into the health and performance of the machines they use to make products, deliver services and improve lives.