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Augury’s Machine Health Solution

Within the first 10 months of deployment, ICL saved over $1 million in downtime
avoidance and production loss costs.

Downtime Avoidance &
Production Loss Costs

Digital Transformation Takes Root

ICL sought out a Machine Health solution that was just as resilient, agile, and innovative as its products. With Augury’s
end-to-end Digital Machine Health solution, ICL found a solution that matched its own innovative standards. By getting
actionable insights into the thousands of machines they run, they could benchmark facilities across continents, and ensure
corporate best practices are disseminated throughout its sites. By digitally transforming their Machine Health insights, they
could elevate their M&R program while upleveling their processes and workforce.

“”Augury’s Machine Health laid the foundation for our digital transformation within our production sites. Their technology has changed the way ICL approaches reliability across our organization by improving the visibility of our machines’ performance. With Augury, ICL looks to continue being an innovator in the market, delivering value to customers around the globe.Eyal Yaffe — VP Operational Excellence & Innovation Potash Division

Scaled Innovation, Scaled Results

It was only a few months after deployment before ICL was capturing value and seeing the impact to their bottom-line. In
one instance, at one of their engineered materials sites, Augury’s algorithms alerted the onsite team to a fault in one of their
most critical production equipment pieces. The continuously-monitored solution alerted technicians of the issue, giving
them ample time to confirm the issue with Augury’s Reliability team, they then scheduled the right repair, all without
disrupting production. With early-detection, ICL was able to mitigate $400k downtime costs and production loss.

Screen shot of machine health diagnosis

But the benefits didn’t stop there. The team was then able to document and transfer all the knowledge gained from the
incident so other sites could then ensure best practices, upleveling the entire reliability workforce. This was one of many
wins realized within less than a year of the partnership. ICL has mitigated $1MM+ in avoided downtime costs, machine
repairs, and production loss within the first 10 months of deployment. As the partnership grows, so will the benefits to
ICL’s workforce, bottom-line, and millions of people around the world that rely on their innovative products.

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