Commercial Buildings

Most owners of commercial buildings and HVAC service companies realize the significant value and substantial savings they could achieve by using predictive maintenance techniques.

However, due to the exorbitant costs of predictive maintenance equipment and the high level of expertise required to operate such tools, only 12% of commercial buildings in the US actually use predictive maintenance.

Compelling ROI with Zero Upfront Investment

According to the US Department of Energy, commercial building owners can save up to $1 per square foot by implementing Predictive Maintenance, resulting in a total savings of approximately 13% of their operational budget.

Proven in field trials and independent lab testing, the Auguscope delivers quality and accuracy equal or superior to competing high-end devices that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our predictive maintenance solution enables commercial building owners to achieve fast return-on-investment:


  • Slash maintenance costs – achieve up to 30% savings on parts and labor
  • Decrease energy consumption – optimally maintained equipment saves up to 20% on electricity costs and is environmentally-friendly
  • Maximize equipment uptime – minimize machinery breakdowns and avoid full-blown failures through early detection of potential problems