Machine Health for Supporting Equipment: More Value, More Insights, More Assets!

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Deliver a Quality
Product Safely
Every Time

Diagnose Machine Malfunctions Remotely and
Automatically with Machine Health

Inconsistent product quality is costly. Augury’s Machine Health platform predicts and prevents machine
failures, increasing the mean time between failures and eliminating quality issues caused by machine

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Downtime costs
and production loss
avoided within ten months
Downtime costs
avoided by preventing
a single machine failure
Downtime costs
avoided in
less than a year
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Get Peak Performance From Your

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Avoid Quality Issues
Caused by
Machine Condition

Many quality issues are caused by machine malfunctions or stop-starts due to failures. Machine Health diagnoses issues and tells you how to fix them.

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Get the Most
Out Of
Every Machine

Machine Health maximizes uptime and OEE by predicting and preventing machine failures and improving machine performance.

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Monitor Machines
Automatically and

Safety is the top priority at any chemical facility. Machine Health monitors running machines 24/7, so humans don’t have to.

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