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Increasing Production
Capacity, From Paper
Goods to Pet Food

Eliminate unplanned downtime, scrap and surprises with Machine Health

Maintaining shelf space and predictable production across a wide range of product lines means
everything. With Augury you can move to the cutting edge of predictive maintenance and eliminate
supply chain interruptions due to unplanned downtime. We’ll help your reliability and operations team
do what they do better, with intuitive dashboards and actionable machine health insights.

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Improve OEE and Machine
Performance at Scale

Icon of an actionable insight

Get actionable insights about developing
mechanical malfunctions and correct
them before they can cause quality
issues that result in scrap.

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Keep your interconnected manufacturing
processes running smoothly and
eliminate single point failures that can
halt production.

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Increase uptime and efficiency with
detailed machine health insights that
help you maximize throughput and OEE.

“”Unlike scheduled routine checkups for equipment, this digitally enabled method diagnoses problems early, allowing for quick remediation and minimized downtime. ...while Colgate may have been able to build similar technology, it would have ‘taken us years, even with approval to hire’ data scientists and engineers to create such a platform.Warren Pruitt — Vice President, Global Engineering Services at Colgate

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with Augury.

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