Reduce Downtime with Insightful and Actionable Alerts

When armed with the intelligence provided by Augury’s next level sensors, CPG partners increase mean time between failures and work-order compliance. Don’t waste valuable planned downtime with alerts that provide the value of a check engine light. Less failures and more efficient repairs lead to a decrease in production delays and help reliability teams do what they do, better.

CPG Challenges

Augury helps you face the main challenges of CPG manufacturing head on.

Safe and Reliable Operations

Our sophisticated sensors paired with machine learning algorithms warn you at the earliest signs of any developing malfunction - protecting users, workers, and production from harm.

Seamless CMMS Integration

Augury has a team dedicated to CMMS integrations. Don’t change your day-to-day operations, enhance them with advanced mechanical diagnostics.

Reliability Expertise on Hand

Experienced category III and IV vibration analysts verify critical diagnostics and our customer success team is available whenever users are curious about any diagnosis.

Actionable Insights

Alerts from Augury’s Halo continuous diagnostics keep it simple - telling you what is wrong, where the problem is, and how to fix it.

Augury for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing

With Augury, stakeholders across your organization will gain insight into the health of their machines - increasing efficiency and operations.

Expert Critical Analysis on Why Failures are Occurring

Determine why a failure has occurred - whether from human error or a mechanical problem. Our in-house reliability team is ready for any of your advanced questions about detected anomalies.

Reduced Unplanned Downtime and Protection Against Catastrophic Failures

Our detailed alerts ensure reliability teams know in advance of an issue so repairs can be scheduled during planned downtime. After installation and initial repairs have been completed, maintenance teams can expect to perform minor repairs to maintain peak operation and production while reducing the chances for any catastrophic failures.

Simplified Multi-Site Visibility

Augury’s scalable solution provides visibility and transparency from regional, site, building and individual asset views. This makes it quick and easy to see machine health at different levels while allowing you to dive deeper for additional insights on individual machines.


“If there’s an Augury alarm, there’s definitely something there, so we should find it before it finds us.”

Technical Line Leader Multi-National Consumer Goods Corporation

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