Standardized and Scalable Turnkey Wireless Monitoring 24/7

Augury’s repeatable and scalable Predictive Maintenance solution ensures top-level initiatives have a high level of efficacy across a company’s portfolio. When operationalized at the facility level, Augury‘s solutions are aimed at being accessible and approachable for Facility Management professionals- who are ultimately responsible for driving success and showing value to their stakeholders. 

Visualize Machine Health Across Your Portfolio

Augury’s scalable solution makes it quick and easy to visualize machine health across sites while having the horsepower to allow you to dive deeper for additional insights.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

Augury helps you face the main challenges of facility management head on.

Speed of Innovation

As the Facility Management market continues to grow and become increasingly competitive, maintaining a competitive edge will become even more critical. Management companies will be chosen based on the speed with which they can innovate and bring new technologies to their customers.

Managing Risk

Margins are often inconsistent year to year due to absorbing the costs of inevitable failures that will happen over the course of a long contract. If you can prevent these failures and mitigate some of the risks, you can maintain your margins more effectively.

Loss of Knowledge

With frequent engineer turnover and younger technicians joining the team, there comes an inevitable loss of in-house knowledge of specific equipment. Predictive Analytics can enhance your already capable engineers and can be easily leveraged by new technicians.

Lack of Visibility

Too often machines can fail when they are only monitored monthly or quarterly with route based PM routes. Augury’s scalable solution provides 24/7 visibility and transparency between regions, sites, buildings and individual asset views. This makes it quick and easy to see machine health at different levels while allowing you to dive deeper for additional insights on individual machines.

Predictive Analytics for Facility Management

With Augury, Facility Management partners gain advanced insights into the health of the machines and facilities they are responsible for maintaining, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction as a whole.

Provide Added Value

Increase the value you provide to your clients while increasing your margins. Detecting malfunctions early to perform timely repairs at reduced costs keeps customers happy while improving your organization’s reputation and the skills of your team.

Pull-Through Revenue

Detect unexpected disrepair and use hard data to secure out-of-scope work. Our platform provides advanced meta-data to reveal root causes of malfunctions that you can share with your customers.

Impress Potential Contracts while Deferring Risk

Facility Management companies use Augury's portable diagnostics solution during on-site audits to determine exactly how much risk they can take on in a new facility, or to suggest necessary corrective actions before a contract is signed. If a site is in a lower or higher risk state, our tools can help you offer a more accurate and competitive bid while impressing potential partners with quick and accurate mechanical diagnostics.


“We think Augury’s technology is next level game changer for facility management and now we are playing in that field.”

Senior VP Operations Global Facility Management Company

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