Enable Your Reliability Teams to Optimize Production

Delivering high-quality product to customers in a timely fashion can be challenging in an environment of fluctuating raw material costs and increased competition. Augury’s predictive insights ensure your operation runs efficiently by revealing hidden reliability risks.

Serving Up Quality, On Time

Augury helps you face the main challenges of food and beverage production head on.

Safety and Quality

Planned downtime is always better than fighting fires. Continuous diagnostics with alerts provide the time needed to schedule repairs and keep maintenance professionals safe.

Not Reaching Production Goals

Don’t miss your goals due to factors you can actually control. Ensure peak machine performance to meet and exceed your production and OEE goals using our advanced diagnostics.

Unexpected Downtime Leads to Costly Makeup Time

If a machine breaks down during a process, it’s an instant problem. Filler, packer, freezer, or other critical equipment failures mean excess labor, overtime costs, missed quotas, rush holiday/weekend jobs, and increased operating expenditures. Avoid these breakdowns altogether with Augury.

Operations vs. Maintenance

Operations teams need to meet their production goals. Maintenance teams need to ensure equipment is ready to produce, but require machine shutdowns to perform their jobs safely. Reduce finger-pointing, uncertainty, and “he said / she said” tensions between teams by focusing on data-driven insights so that machines are only taken down when absolutely necessary.

Augury for Food and Beverage Manufacturing

With Augury, stakeholders across the operation will gain insight into the health of their machines, efficiency and organization as a whole.

Less Unplanned Downtime

Ensure reliability teams know in advance of any mechanical issues so repairs can be scheduled during planned downtime. After initial repairs have been completed, maintenance teams can expect to perform minor repairs to maintain peak operations while reducing catastrophic failures.

Action From Actionable Insights

With detailed alerts, site level contacts can complete recommended maintenance practices with confidence that they are solving the root cause of detected malfunctions. Augury‘s solutions are aimed at being accessible for the teams responsible for driving production and protecting assets.

Standardization Across Sites

Augury’s repeatable and scalable PdM solution ensures top-level initiatives are prioritized across all company production sites. Maintenance trends and opportunities for growth can be spotted in seconds using our intuitive dashboards.


“Augury’s technology highlighted some serious defects with my servo motors. My team was able to work with operations to change their operational strategy. This drastically reduced our unplanned downtime.”

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