Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is upon us – in the air, on the roads and in your home – everything will be connected. This will bring tremendous opportunity for smarter devices and services.

Today, you can purchase a washing machine that runs an operating system and connects to the internet. By 2018, 30% of white appliances will be smart-appliances.

We leverage the already existing processing power and internet connectivity in order to sense the mechanical condition and avoid future failures.

The mechanical diagnostics platform of the Internet of Things

We are building the mechanical diagnostics layer of the IoT. Using cutting-edge Big Data technologies, we have the largest “malfunction dictionary” in the world and can take our diagnostics system to new verticals.

We collaborate with equipment manufacturers throughout their product’s life-cycle:

  • Research – we help define the needed sensors and supply our reference design electronic circuits for filtering and sampling. We help fit our algorithms and fine-tune them to the specific product.
  • Manufacturing line – we supply Built-In-Tests that can be run on the manufacturing floor – for early fault detection and avoided warranty costs.
  • In the wild – our management platform helps track trends and be proactive with your customer’s service calls. Our algorithms keep learning and improving even after the research phase.
  • Design improvements – Using collected data, we can track overall statistics and extract valuable knowledge that impacts and can improve the mechanical design.