Protect Against Critical AHU Failures

When production timelines are tight and planned downtime is sparse, it’s important to arm your team with complete visibility into the health of your critical equipment for smooth operations.

Do you have critical equipment that’s hard to access?
Get wireless visibility into your machines in real time.

Inaccessible equipment limits what you can accomplish with standard route-based maintenance. Sporadic snapshots of your tough-to-reach critical machines don’t tell you the full story – and at what risk?




Ensuring Clean Rooms Don't Fail

Don’t risk failures in clean room equipment that could lead to hours or days of downtime and lost production value. With Augury’s continuous monitoring solutions, you can eliminate unplanned downtime.

Going Into Shutdowns Blind

Tight schedules make it difficult to accomplish everything needed in a planned shutdown. When armed with Augury’s alerts that provide what’s wrong, where it is, and how to fix it, you can approach downtime with confidence and avoid surprises.

Wirelessly and Safely Collect Data from Dangerous and Hard to Reach Equipment

Inaccessible machines that require wired solutions to implement a route-based program lead to costly capital projects to ensure equipment visibility. Wireless continuous diagnostics allow you to safely gain real-time machine insights at a fraction of the cost.

Limited In-House Resources

With limited in-house vibration expertise, you may be forced to acquire vibration analysis through a costly sub-contractor. Our easy to use portable diagnostics make it simple for users to regularly include vibration data collection as part of their PM routes while our algorithms diagnose machines in moments.

Unexpected Failures Outside of Planned Downtime Periods

Production loss, repair costs, and express ordering spare parts add up quickly when machines fail unexpectedly. Continuous diagnostics allow you to trend early stage malfunctions over time, ensuring you are never surprised by a late stage issue that threatens your production time.

Predictive Maintenance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Gain detailed and customized insights into the health of your machines promoting transparency and efficiency to your organization as a whole.


Maintenance Practices Across Your Organization

Augury’s repeatable and scalable PdM solution ensures top-level initiatives have a high level of efficacy across all company production sites. Maintenance trends and opportunities for growth can be spotted in seconds using our intuitive dashboards.

Take Action

From Actionable Insights

With our alerts, site level contacts can interpret and complete recommended maintenance practices with ease and confidence that they are solving the root cause of detected malfunctions. At the facility level, Augury‘s solutions are aimed at being accessible for the teams responsible for driving success and protecting assets.


Multi-Site Visibility

Augury’s scalable solution provides visibility and transparency from regional, site, building and individual asset views. This makes it quick and easy to see machine health at different levels while allowing you to dive deeper for additional insights on individual machines.


"If our clean room conditions are compromised by a fan failure, we are in big trouble. We use Augury to ensure our clean room equipment never goes down."

Plant Manager International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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