Power Your Plant with Automated Machine Diagnostics

Power generation equipment is extremely critical and is costly to repair or replace. However, where most resources may be dedicated to maintaining large turbines or generators, balance-of-plant equipment can be equally as critical. 

Every Machine Counts

Water pumps, oil pumps, vent fans, ammonia blowers, vacuum pumps, and other equipment that supports the generators must operate or it can impair generation. Redundancy helps, but it’s important to ensure that redundant equipment is well maintained before it is necessary to use. Augury can help you expand predictive maintenance capabilities to all of your equipment with its cost-effective solution.




Ensuring the Lights Don't Go Out

Augury helps you face the main challenges of power generation head on.

Costly Fines for Downtime

Any disruption can lead to hindered power production, potentially causing a plant to be unable to keep up with electrical demand. Such circumstances can lead to costly fines for the facility.

Limited Redundancy

Condensate pumps, chilled water pumps, and other such large equipment are extremely expensive and therefore, often have less redundancy. Lack of insight into the health of these machines can lead to costly, surprise downtime.

Large Spare Parts

Spare parts for many of the machines in a power facility are highly expensive and require large storage environments. Should any of these machines go down, the process of shipping the necessary parts can take time and many resources. The lead time to repair can cost the organization thousands of dollars.

Augury for Power Generation

With Augury, stakeholders across the operation will gain insight into the health of their machines, efficiency and organization as a whole.

Monitor Balance of Plant Equipment

Monitor and proactively fix balance of plant equipment that supports generation. Remotely monitor changes in their operations and emerging malfunctions with primary and backup equipment.

Improve Plant Reliability

Advanced artificial intelligence means that new anomalies detected in your asset fleet are highlighted and brought to your attention immediately. Don’t let critical changes in equipment operations go unnoticed.

Benchmark Equipment Performance

Compare the performance and health of your assets across your nationwide portfolio of generation facilities. Highlight plants with superior machine health and standardize best practices in maintenance across your other locations.


“Augury reduces our risk on equipment that supports our centerline. The turbines and generators are critical, but so are other equipment supporting those assets. We maintain high levels of reliability, especially during peak periods.”

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