2023 Machine Health is Business Health

Facing economic uncertainty, manufacturers look to technology for more reliable production.

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Plant Services Report

What opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

Inefficiency in all its forms– downtime, labor shortages, skills gaps, reactive maintenance–is a constant challenge for manufacturers, but even more so in a difficult economy. This new Plant Services report, based on a survey of 171 U.S. manufacturing leaders, sheds light on trends and best practices being used in the industry right now. Download “Machine Health Is Business Health” to understand:

  • The top manufacturing challenges for 2023
  • How the plant-floor and c-suite view the workforce skills gap
  • Which maintenance approach ranks first for manufacturers
  • How equipment failures are impacting production targets
Advanced technologies that don’t merely generate sensor readings but provide data context and trends can go a long way toward alleviating some of the challenges resulting from workforce shortages and skills gaps.

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A pie chart illustrating the lack of real-time insights among the majority.