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Production Health Starts Here


Companies rely on Augury for real-time AI insights to predict and prevent machine failure and improve machine performance. Our Machine Health Solutions have helped customers reduce downtime, improve care of their assets, increase production capacity, and move from calendar-based maintenance to predictive maintenance.

But Machine Health is only one half of the Production Health equation. Today, companies must meet growing consumer demands, upskill their workforce, and produce the goods we need sustainably. By combining Process Health with Machine Health, unlocking the full potential of production lines is finally possible.

That’s why Augury recently acquired Seebo, a leader in AI-based process intelligence that helps customers predict and prevent quality, yield, and waste losses. Our combined solutions can now provide AI-insights across machines, processes, and production to unlock $1T in hidden capacity and transform the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of manufacturing.

Join us to learn about Production Health and what it means for the world, the industry, and your operations.