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Seebo Joins Augury To Deliver Unprecedented AI Insights for
Manufacturers and Industry

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Augury and Seebo are coming together to provide a never-before possible, AI-driven view into
the interplays between the wide range of factors that influence overall production health.

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Augury has acquired Seebo to deliver AI-driven insights across machines, processes and
operations. Each company has grown by pioneering the use of purpose-built AI solutions focused
on the biggest challenges manufacturers face. Together our solutions will help customers
improve the reliability, quality and sustainability of their production operations. With correlated,
actionable insights into the health of machines, processes and overall production, manufacturing
and industrial companies can unlock $1 trillion in untapped capacity and transform their
relationship with customers, workers and the environment.

When Production is Healthier, the World is Healthier

Unlock Productivity
10-20% of capacity is shadow
Tons Emissions
Reduce Emissions
Industry produces 30% of Global
Emissions (EPRI)
Upskill Workforce
Need reskilling across industries
by 2030

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The Trillion-Dollar Challenge: Closing The Gap With Production Health 

With Seebo’s process health solutions on board, Augury is showing how the world can solve some of its biggest challenges, such as unlocking the trillion-dollar gap opportunity that lies between current manufacturing effectiveness and the potential capacity of existing facilities – not to mention helping eliminate 10 billion tons of carbon-based emissions. Technology – specifically […]

Roadmap To The Future: Machine Health + Process Health = Production Health

Machine health leaders Augury has acquired best-in-class process health pioneers Seebo to bring AI-fueled insights to the full production process. Augury can now fully address the key challenges and opportunities manufacturing companies face today. And there’s more: the industry now has a tangible path to balanced growth – where people, planet and profits are aligned […]

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“”We see greater adoption of the kinds of AI driven technologies Augury is pioneering as crucial to our efforts and those of our industry. By getting greater insight across our materials, processes and equipment we can increase capacity, reduce waste, maintain quality and stay aligned to our business metrics all at the same time. That’s something that’s been very hard to do in the past.Scott Reed — SVP of Service Operations, GAF

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