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Augury’s wireless Halo system and portable Scope help you transition to the cutting edge of predictive machine health and performance immediately after deployment.



Cutting Edge Industrial Diagnostics

Augury dynamically monitors and protects your assets using connected sensors, artificial intelligence and deep mechanical domain expertise. We use wireless vibration, ultrasonic, temperature, and magnetic sensors provide high-quality 24/7 monitoring. Machine learning algorithms compare your machine data to tens of thousands of recordings in our ever-growing database to detect anomalies and diagnose equipment malfunctions at their earliest stages. Actionable recommendations, reports, and insights are delivered via our web and mobile applications.

Halo Continuous Diagnostics

Halo wirelessly monitors your most critical assets 24/7 without the need to take manual recordings. Real-time alerts are sent for any detected anomalies including possible causes and recommendations for the most efficient maintenance practices to correct the root cause of the malfunction.

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Scope Portable Diagnostics

Augury’s Scope enables technicians and maintenance professionals to diagnose assets in person during route-based maintenance practices. Scope is smartphone-enabled, using an intuitive app to deliver automated diagnostics with direct access to the Augury support team.

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Insights Across Multiple Platforms

Secure Cloud-Based Monitoring

Securely review the status of every Augury monitored asset from our dashboard on any Internet-enabled device. Our advanced diagnostics are available at all times for you to make pivotal maintenance decisions on the fly.

Wireless Built-In Diagnostics

Halo and Scope work directly with our secure cloud using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-fi or cellular signal to fully diagnose your equipment.

Fully Integrated into CMMS and EAM Systems

Augury integrates and customizes our solutions for each partner to enhance their current maintenance programs. We’re here to optimize your program and give you the insights to take your plant to the next level of reliability.

Easily Deployable and Scalable

You don’t need to be an expert on deploying our IIoT solutions. That’s our job. Augury’s in-house reliability professionals will help you determine the best plan for rolling out your customized program.

Installation and Ongoing Training

Augury’s solutions are all inclusive, with hardware, software, installation, training, and support included in our offering.

Pricing Structure

Simplify your maintenance budget planning with our recurring subscription model pricing which prioritizes your most critical assets.

Reliability Experts

Experienced reliability and maintenance professionals help determine the criticality of your assets. Never pay for Augury replacement parts, service, or support calls.

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Alluvium has been acquired by Augury to provide unprecedented transparency into the health of your operation.