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Augury pairs advanced AI with tried and true predictive maintenance technology — but people are still
the key to Machine Health. Our veteran reliability engineers are on hand to make sure you’re getting the
most out of your program and our vibration analysts provide insight to support your decision making and
prioritization so you can keep operations running smoothly.

High-reliability organizations go one step
further: they make reliability an explicit
priority, not just an afterthought.

Source: What high-reliability organizations get right — McKinsey, May 2019

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Experienced reliability and maintenance
professionals help determine the
criticality of your assets.

Expert Verification for
Serious Alerts

Augury’s Category IV Vibration analysts
review any potentially dangerous alerts to
protect your team and your production.

Discuss Diagnoses and

Communicate with a reliability
professional whenever you’d like more
context on a diagnosis or an expert
opinion on a recommended fix.

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Reliability professionals will help you determine the best plan for implementing and expanding your Machine Health program.

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Communicate directly with an expert on our platform through our Threads feature if you have an urgent question.

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Get expert advice and dive deep into machine performance on our platform to make the informed reliability decisions.

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