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Case Study

Implementing Digital Machine Health

How a Roseburg plant is working to transform the
way they do business through Machine Health.

Machine Health is a Major Driver of Business Health

Within the first 8 months of deployment, a total of 21 major faults affecting critical equipment were identified, preventing production loss costs of over $472,000.

Total Downtime Cost Avoidance

“”It was only a week after Augury went live that we were already seeing benefits. All the issues that had hindered our equipment and were causing downtime were brought to our attention. We immediately went to work tackling the most critical issues on the most critical machines.Lee Weaver — Regional Reliability Manager

Six Steps to a Successful Digital
Machine Health Program

1. Define the Problem

Augury worked with the Simsboro team to better understand the underlying issues affecting equipment reliability and production results.

2. Choose Your Metrics

Key stakeholders responsible for the program at the plant level identified downtime dollars saved, labor hours saved, and production output as key metrics to measure the success for the program.

3. Map Your Data Flows

Process and work flow maps were created to visualize the flow of information and work orders within the plant.

4. Assign Responsibilities

The on-site Maintenance Manager, along with his team, were in the best position to manage the program and communicate success with corporate.

5. Test and Learn

After deployment, the Simsboro team and Augury’s Customer Success team conducted weekly business meetings to check metrics, capture successes, and tackle any obstacles quickly.

6. Communicate Results

The Simsboro team worked closely with the Augury Customer Success team to quantify the value of the program as it progressed and routinely communicated metrics, wins, and challenges to key stakeholders throughout the organization.

Soon after deployment, the Simsboro plant
saw a return on their investment.

Augury’s digital health program revealed that 30% of the plant’s machines were not performing as desired. The program uncovered a variety of mechanical issues — such as shaft misalignment, severe bearing wear, and imbalance — that the on-site team was unaware of when relying on third party vibration analysts and standard prevention and maintenance schedules.

“”It’s motivating to work for a company like Roseburg that is trying to innovate and transform a traditional industry. As a tech, I want modern tools that help me get things done...and Augury’s platform has become as important to me as my wrench or drill.Chad Leggett — Maintenance Technician

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