Automatic Machine Diagnostics as a Service

Augury merges artificial intelligence with advanced sensor technology to provide a next-generation Predictive Maintenance solution.

Our products monitor your machines 24/7, analyzing every recording in real-time on our secure cloud. Augury’s platform provides alerts with accurate fault diagnosis and maintenance recommendations to protect your assets.

Artificial Intelligence

Mechanical data becomes actionable using our machine learning algorithms to provide real-time insights, including root cause analysis and the most effective maintenance suggestions to repair any malfunctions. 

Advanced Sensor Technology

Easy to install and maintain sensors are paired with the largest database of acoustic machine signatures in the world. Highly accurate diagnostics for your mechanical equipment are communicated using bluetooth, wifi and cellular signals.

No Upfront Investment

Augury’s solutions are all-inclusive with hardware, software, installation, training, and ongoing support all built into your plan. Installations are simple and no specialized engineering staff or costly training is required.

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