Predictive Maintenance

Unlike preventive maintenance, which is carried out according to a pre-set schedule, Predictive Maintenance (also known as Condition Based Maintenance) defines the need for maintenance tasks based on the actual condition of the machine.

Predictive maintenance helps to eliminate catastrophic equipment failures, extends the operational life of machine components and reduces the costs of parts and labor.

Proven benefits

Predictive Maintenance has been widely used since the 1990’s in high-end facilities – such as industrial factories, electric companies, and aviation – and has been proven to be cost effective and energy efficient. It not only helps eliminate catastrophic equipment failures, it also extends the operational life of machine components and reduces the costs of parts and labor.

By optimizing equipment operation, buildings and plants save energy costs and increase uptime. Studies estimate that a properly functioning predictive maintenance program can provide a savings of 8% to 12% over a program utilizing preventive maintenance alone. Commercial facilities can save approximately $1 per square foot annually by implementing Predictive Maintenance, resulting in a total savings of up to 13% of their operational budget.

Average reduction in maintenance costs:


Average reduction in downtime:


of breakdowns:


Average reduction in energy consumption:


Drawbacks and underusage

Despite these clear benefits, only 12% of commercial facilities today use Predictive Maintenance techniques, mainly due to the cost and complexity of the required diagnostic equipment. Initial equipment investment can run as high as $50,000, while an even larger investment is required to provide in-house personnel with the required expertise and training in the use of these techniques.

Predictive maintenance solutions that remove these entry barriers will enable commercial buildings and factories to enjoy these dramatic energy and costs savings. ​

That’s where we come in.​

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“On the down side, to initially start into the predictive maintenance world is not inexpensive. Much of the equipment requires cost in excess of $50,000. Training of in-plant personnel to effectively utilize predictive maintenance technologies will require considerable funding” . US Department of Energy