Reliability Meets Artificial Intelligence

Augury’s technology places the power of artificial intelligence into the hands of engineers, reliability experts, and maintenance professionals. Our platform listens to machines, analyzes data in real time, and provides accurate and actionable machine health insights.

Real-Time Diagnostics for Entire Facilities

Augury monitors and protects production line assets as well as utility and balance of plant equipment. We arm engineering, maintenance, and reliability professionals with continuous insights to improve asset performance across their facilities.

Immediate Machine Health Visibility

Discover real-time diagnostics of all your facility assets instantaneously

Reliability Expertise,

Make expert-level reliability decisions without extensive training

Painless Start-up and Scale

Flexible subscription model and quick, turn-key deployment

Customer Benefits

It’s time to shift your focus from reacting to delivering forward-looking impact and productivity.

Plant Reliability

Eliminate the need for cumbersome data collection and analysis. Reliability teams can shift their focus to solving core problems and deploying reliability programs faster and more effectively.

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Plant Maintenance

Schedule condition-based maintenance activities to proactively and accurately address developing issues to avoid operational disruptions.

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Field Services

Deploy professionals in the field to perform services based on actual asset condition. Reduce commissioning risks and eliminate return visits.

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Predictive Analytics for Original Equipment Manufacturers

Augury helps rotating equipment OEMs add diagnostic capabilities to their connected products. A range of retrofitted and embedded capabilities enable OEMs to innovate and expand their offering in a highly competitive global market.

What’s In It for You?

A true and complete predictive maintenance solution increases uptime, reduces maintenance costs, minimizes risk, saves users time, and provides ongoing training/support. Here’s how Augury helps you:

Increasing Uptime

Accurate and actionable diagnosis of mechanical malfunctions, with real-time alerts, allows you to plan maintenance and repairs before they become failures- preventing individual assets from halting production.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Real-time, early-stage alerts lead to repairs that take less time to fix and increase asset life cycles.

Minimizing Risk

Remote continuous monitoring protects technicians from recording on hard to reach or dangerous equipment while ensuring machines are working in their optimal modes for a safe work environment.

Saving Time

Maximize preventative maintenance routes by prioritizing repairs using the actual health of your assets. Our easy-to-use platform allows experts the option to spend their time on tasks that matter most- like diving deeper into specific machine recording data.

Ongoing Training/Support

Reliability experts onboard new customers with group trainings and provide ongoing support for your program.

Asset Health Platform

Follow machine health trends, receive alerts, and track repairs with an intuitive user platform on the web and through our mobile app.

AI-Enabled Machine Diagnostics
Real-Time Insights Across Facilities
Cutting-Edge Sensing Technologies
Easily Deployable and Scalable
Wireless, Cloud-Based and Fully Secure
Built for the Industrial Environment

Get to Know Your Machines

Eliminate surprises with predictive analytics.

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Alluvium has been acquired by Augury to provide unprecedented transparency into the health of your operation.