Connected Equipment is the New Standard

Predictive analytics is quickly becoming the expectation among end customers. As advanced sensor technology, enhanced connectivity, and machine learning become more accessible, leading OEMs are partnering with companies like Augury to digitize their products and increase the value of their offerings.

Leverage Leading Technology and Expertise

Expanded Aftermarket Revenue

With advanced machine health diagnostics and alerts, OEM’s can provide a streamlined customer experience for ordering parts and scheduling service calls. Accurate fault detection enables OEM’s to increase service revenue opportunities while ensuring that official replacement parts are used for repairs.

New Differentiated Product Offerings

Provide cutting-edge diagnostics to your customers from day one and keep a step ahead of all competing products. Ever-evolving machine learning algorithms protect and increase the reliability of each asset sold, providing the innovative, IIoT-enabled machines your customers are looking for.

Customer and Product Performance Insights

Gain insights into your own products and how your customers use them allowing you to iterate and re-imagine design for more efficient and effective machines. Learn the lifecycle of your offerings and how your machines actually perform in the field.

Extended Warranty Options

Confidently launch new warranty options with the knowledge that your machines can provide insights into their own health.

Equipment as a Service

Transition to outcome-based business models powered by Augury's Industrial IoT stack.

Reinvent Your Business, Before Your Competitors Do

Augury is partnering with the leading OEMs looking to incorporate advanced analytics into their business models. Advanced fault diagnostics and anomaly detection enable new bundled offerings, aftermarket services, and other differentiated packages for your customers.


Proven Technology

Augury brings a proven technology in-house within an OEM’s organization.



Augury brings tens of thousands of machine diagnostics and the IoT infrastructure to the table from day one. Accelerate your product development by partnering.



The big data analytics infrastructure needed to monitor and analyze assets globally is not trivial. Augury has built a secure system over the years to help OEMs cope with these new technological challenges.

“Businesses earn 45% of gross profits from the aftermarket, although it accounts for only 24% of revenues.”

Harvard Business Review

See how Augury can revolutionize your products.

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