Now, More Than Ever, Reliability Matters.

Today’s industry is more global, more competitive and leaner than ever before. Fortunately, with Augury, machine malfunctions can be identified and prevented long before they disrupt operations, affect quality or reduce throughput.


Reliability professionals get real-time insights into potential failures and root causes, and can validate the effectiveness of corrective actions without the need to collect or analyze data.

Full Machine Health Visibility

Quickly identify bad actors

See all underperforming assets at a glance, ranked by severity and urgency of repair. Dive deeper to uncover the precise developing issues and corrective actions.

Get to the root cause

Conduct root cause analysis (RCA) of mechanical and operational issues with confidence.

Understand failure modes

Complete failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) with quantitative reliability insights. Use historical data and Augury’s predictive insights to optimize your spare parts inventory.

Improve OEE

Site-wide insights into the health and performance of your equipment helps your team optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and maximize value within your organization by finding and proactively eliminating inefficiencies.

Show undeniable results

Demonstrate and prove the effectiveness of your reliability program. Diagnose equipment after any planned or unplanned maintenance or repairs to verify that your work was effective and no new issues were introduced.

"Augury's platform allowed me to vastly expand my team's reliability program. In a few months we went from almost no predictive capabilities to nearly full coverage."

Director of Continuous Improvement,

Fortune 500 CPG Company

Products for Reliability Professionals

It's time to shift your focus from reacting to delivering forward-looking impact and productivity.

Halo Continuous Diagnostics

Wirelessly monitor and automatically diagnose process and utility equipment and get real-time insights.

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Machine Health Platform

Powerful AI analysis and a full set of tools to dive deep into health and performance data. Get alerted at the earliest detection of impending machine failure via email, text, or mobile notifications.

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Pain-Free Deployment

Our customers take a leap of faith with a revolutionary new technology. In return, we make make the transition painless and start by proving our value to every customer, every time. Augury’s pilot programs are:


Tailored to your needs

We start by understanding the unique challenges of your team and facility, and target the most critical issues first.


Focused on results

We build program KPIs together with our customers and focus on achieving results that actually move the needle.


Subscription based

Our subscription model takes the risk out of deployment at any scope.


Fully turnkey

We take care of end-to-end installation, deployment and service.

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