Machine Issues are Opportunities

Augury’s predictive maintenance insights help field service professionals stay on top of their machines. By alerting users when machines have a problem at their earliest stage, field service technicians are never caught off guard. This helps technicians identify problems early and gets jobs quoted quickly and proactively.

Expert Diagnostics at your Fingertips

Generate Pull-Through Revenue

Generate pull-through revenue while improving overall machine health at your customers' facilities.

Monitor Repair Efficacy

Verify the effectiveness of repairs and maintenance activities to avoid return visits and increase customer satisfaction.

Build Customer Loyalty

Build lasting customer relationships by providing them with advanced predictive maintenance solutions.

Get More Done, Faster

Improve your team's efficiency by knowing where to spend time and resources.

"Augury’s platform allowed me to vastly expand my team’s reliability program. In a few months we went from almost no predictive capabilities to nearly full coverage."

– Director of Continuous Improvement, Fortune 500 CPG Company

Products for Service Professionals

It’s time to shift your focus from reacting to delivering forward-looking impact and productivity.

Scope Portable Diagnostics

Enhance route-based maintenance programs within your facility by enabling the team on the floor to diagnose machines within minutes on demand.

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Halo Continuous Diagnostics

Wirelessly monitor and automatically diagnose process and utility equipment and get real-time insights.

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Machine Health Platform

Powerful AI analysis and a full set of tools to dive deep into health and performance data. Get alerted at the earliest detection of impending machine failure via email, text, or mobile notifications.

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Uncover Missed Opportunities

Service companies Using Augury’s technology are able to offer their customers unrivaled mechanical expertise and superior protection.


Expertise for Every Technician

Empower your talent in the field to find and predict machine issues that they can’t detect today.


Get Results, Fast

Provide your customers with a quantitative, third-part diagnosis of their equipment in near real time. Use these reports to help them understand your recommendations and quotes.


Lower Risk

Lower risk for your customer by surfacing hidden reliability risks. Don’t lose customers because of preventable problems that you could have brought to their attention.


Transform Your Business

Go from a low-touch, transactional service provider to a comprehensive predictive maintenance solutions expert.

Learn how Augury can help your team in the field today.

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