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Time-to-Value During Crisis Time

The holiday season was well underway but little did the onsite team know, a mechanical fault had begun to
form within the a filler motor serving the line producing their most popular product. Within days of the
diagnosis, the problem had escalated to near failure-levels. Augury’s Reliability Team immediately contacted the
plant and with their help, confirmed bearing failure was imminent. Given the advance notice, the team was able
to proactively fix the motor during planned downtime, preventing catastrophic failure of the filler. The repair took
only 8 hours to complete.

Total avoided costs
5 days
Total downtime
Bottles of water
protected from failure

Downtime Costs Calculated

With faults identified as bearing wear, rapid deterioration, and gear friction, the costs would have added up.
$2k cost of downtime per hour
3 days lead time to get motor
2 days to replace the motor if motor had unexpectedly failed
60k bottles of water filled per hour

“”The fault would have not been identified without Augury’s solution...with their help, we got to the problem immediately, planned the repair during planned downtime, and saved our most popular bottling line from certain failure.Corporate maintenance manager

Timeline of Bearing Degradation

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