Machine Health For Dummies

Build a winning machine health culture

Machine Health For Dummies: 1955.

Want to get smart about machine health?

When your machines fail or underperform, production lines and supply chains break. Waste goes up, worker safety is compromised, and energy is squandered.

Machine health can transform operations for every manufacturer.

This is your guide on how to kickstart a new era of reliability, get it right, and reap the benefits.
Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Evolve to prescriptive maintenance
  • Make Industry 4.0 a reality
  • Transform how you work
  • Improve production sustainability
  • Leverage artificial intelligence

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What can you gain with machine health? A lot

Accelerate Your Machine Health Journey

Machine Health For Dummies, Augury Special Edition, is the single source of truth for anyone who works with, depends on, or wants to get smart about machine health

  • Plant directors
  • Maintenance and reliability teams
  • Manufacturing or production VPs
  • Data officers, IT managers, and engineering leads


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