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We are on a mission to make machines more reliable. Keep your facilities, utilities, and production lines running at their best with Augury.

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Expect More From Your Machines

Predictive technology provides visibility into the actual condition of your equipment. Avoid surprises, make expert-level reliability decisions, and improve equipment effectiveness using real-time data.


Less Breakdowns


Lower Asset Costs


Higher Uptime

Predict Malfunctions Before They Happen

Augury’s end-to-end solutions provide industry leaders with early, actionable and comprehensive insights into machine health and performance.


Wireless vibration, temperature, and magnetic sensors monitor your machines 24/7 and securely transmit mechanical data to the cloud.


Algorithms compare unique machine signals to thousands of similar recording to detect anomalies, predict malfunctions, and provide actionable alerts.


Full visibility of machine health from individual assets to full facilities across multiple regions with our easy-to-use web and mobile dashboards.

Asset Health Platform

Follow machine health trends, receive alerts, and track repairs with an intuitive user platform on the web and through our mobile app.

AI-Enabled Machine Diagnostics
Real-Time Insights Across Facilities
Cutting-Edge Sensing Technologies
Easily Deployable and Scalable
Wireless, Cloud-Based and Fully Secure
Built for the Industrial Environment

Monitoring a Fast-Growing Machine Ecosystem


Machines Saved

Precise diagnostic insights help customers take timely maintenance actions to ensure business continuity.


Machines Monitored

Augury’s technology is deployed on a rapidly-growing number of assets across industrial and commercial segments.


Failures Avoided

Our customers know in advance of machine failures to avoid costly breakdowns and optimize their operations.

“We based our initial decision to go with Augury on the quality of its products, most specifically its sensor technology. Augury was able to detect the problem, and the plant was able to plan the repair with minimal downtime.”

Tim Caldwell Manufacturing Systems Director, Mueller Industries

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