The Power
of Augury’s AI

When it comes to predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence (AI) can rapidly analyze huge amounts of data, transforming machine features and patterns into actionable insights. But not all AI models are created equal.

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Not all AI is created equal

What makes Augury’s AI different? Our Machine Health Solutions are continuously learning from extensive datasets, cutting edge algorithms, and the expertise of our vibration analysts.

In our white paper The Power of Augury’s AI, we explain:

  • How to evaluate AI-based predictive maintenance solutions
  • The benefits of our AI-powered Machine Health Solutions
  • How our AI diagnostics work

Learn how the right AI solution can elevate your predictive maintenance program and how Augury goes beyond predicting machine failure by telling teams what to fix and how to fix it.

What makes Augury’s AI so powerful?

It’s prescriptive, predictive, and production tested.
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