The State of Production Health 2023

On the journey to Industry 4.0, where are manufacturers?

See how companies are approaching workforce challenges, sustainability/ESG goals, AI, and more. 

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Are digitization, connected teams, and AI bringing efficiency and opportunity to manufacturing? Or are tech adoption and production concerns still standing in the way?

This survey of 500 global manufacturing leaders uncovers their top challenges and successes, and reveals some surprising trends. Download the report to understand:

  1. What’s preventing manufacturers from living up their true production potential
  2. How manufacturers can make sustainability a win-win proposition
  3. Why Production Health is rivaling supply chain optimization for importance
  4. Best practices for balancing the competing demands of profits, workers, and ESG goals

Get up to speed on the current state of Production Health and see how your organization compares to industry peers.

How will technology adoption impact upskilling efforts at The State of Production Health 2023?