Why Choose Augury's
Machine Health

Eliminate surprises and improve productivity with Augury’s
world-leading machine health diagnostics.

How It Works


Sensors capture and transmit
data to the Augury
platform 24/7


AI detects issues, explains
what caused them and
prescribes courses of action


Users collaborate and act on
guidance to improve the
health and performance of
machines and operations


Platform, AI insights and
expert support enable users
to prioritize and plan
machine health activity

Why Augury

You need Augury’s Machine Health platform to help you lower costs, reduce downtime and increase supply chain resilience. We’ll help you unlock the true potential of your facilities with guaranteed diagnostics that pair AI with tried and true predictive maintenance methodologies. Our platform is designed and supported by a team of aces and we’re recommended by some of the best companies in the world.


Guaranteed Machine Health Diagnostics


Designed and Supported by Experts


Recommended by World Leading Manufacturers

“”Augury isn’t a program. Programs end. Augury is a culture. And this
culture is saving downtime, money, and negative environmental
impact at scale.Bill Hollman — Corporate Operations Manager, NEFCO

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with Augury.

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