Escape Pilot
Purgatory in Five
Simple Steps

How to Show and Scale Value with a New
Digital Use Case

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Piloting a new technology is the easy part of any digitization journey. Harnessing that technology
to create tangible, scalable value in production, often turns into a much rockier road.

Augury helps manufacturers to keep their production lines running. Our Machine Health platform
uses IOT and AI to predict and prevent industrial machine failures, and improve machine
performance. Many of the techniques Augury uses to help top-tier manufacturers get value from
Machine Health apply equally to other digital use cases in manufacturing.

Download our cheat sheet to learn five simple steps to escape pilot purgatory.

About Us

We envision a world where people can always rely on the machines that matter. Our mission is to provide our partners with superior insights into the health and performance of the machines they use to make products, deliver services and improve lives.