Flip This Factory

A New Way of Working

Frieda Venechuk

Maintenance Department Manager, PepsiCo

Alex Pastor

Analytic Systems Engineer, GAF

Stephanie Hartsog

Senior Director of Global Community, Augury

In transforming your facilities into modernized spaces, AI and IoT-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics have showcased the potential of Production Health.

However, the most significant transformation extends beyond machinery and processes. It delves into a realm much larger – the realm of people and their work dynamics.

In the final webisode of Flip This Factory, we’re getting to the heart of the matter. The manufacturing industry faces challenges in attracting new talent as seasoned workers retire. Today, plant floor workers grapple with escalating workloads and demands, requiring supportive tools.

So gather around the water cooler for a discussion on the future of work. Discover what it takes to effectively introduce and expand AI solutions throughout your business. Understand how AI empowers your workforce, enabling them to:

  • Encourage new tech adoption and engage teams across the plant floor
  • Leverage emerging technology to upskill existing talent, and attract and retain new talent
  • Create a culture of strong morale, safety, and innovation

Learn how tech champions on the plant floor are rallying their teammates to embrace Industry 4.0 initiatives that create a stronger, more innovative business at every level.

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