Production Health

Remove friction from your competing goals and change the way you work. Using our purpose-built AI solutions, you can drive up profits, empower your workforce, and achieve sustainable production-all at the same time.

A New Way of Working Starts Here

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We partner with you to defeat operational challenges across your company. With our insights, you can eliminate unnecessary downtime and streamline your processes-reducing energy, waste and emissions.

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We work with your teams to optimize your reliability strategies and enhance your processes to maximize yield and capacity on your production lines.

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Be Autonomous

Our AI helps you continuously improve your machine performance and processes- transforming the way you work and enabling innovation throughout your organization.  

We see the combination of capabilities that Machine Health and Process Health are working to bring together as exactly the right approach to helping us maximize production health and achieve our other goals around sustainability, workforce engagement and profitability.
Warren Pruitt

What is Production Health?

Production Health transforms manufacturing and industry by removing friction around competing business goals. Using AI-driven insights into the machines, processes, and operations companies can improve business outcomes, empower their workforce, and achieve sustainable production.

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Machine Health

Predict and prevent machine failures and drive down maintenance and reliability costs by giving teams industry leading AI backed by reliability experts.

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Process Health

Optimize production lines for quality and throughput while cutting waste and energy costs by providing teams with advanced AI backed by industry experts.

What Customers Say

Leading Snack Manufacturer - MH
I see the Augury’s Machine Health and Process Health combination as one where 1+1=10 because, at the end of the day, when you eliminate losses, the quality of your product improves, your overall equipment efficiency improves, and your throughput increases.

And, as a result of that, your cost decreases, your competitiveness increases, the consumer delight increases, and there’s also a significant sustainability benefits. When that whole manufacturing system operates with minimum losses, its sustainability footprint gets smaller and smaller.

Cheese and whey manufacturer
I want to get to predictive production and predictive quality and be able to really dial down maximizing our profitability from our own processes because they’re very hard to control otherwise.

It’s more of a feel and you get what you get, but yield by accident is not a good strategy. We can’t do that without technologies like Machine Health and Process Health.