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Why Augury?

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The best perk is who we work with. We
love what we do, care about one another,
and have a weird sense of humor.

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We’re solving real problems, for real
people, by helping industrial customers
to keep their production lines running.

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Be a part of building a world changing
company, knowing everyday your work
contributes to the bigger picture.

Who We Are

Open Positions

We’re transforming the industrial sector. Join the journey.

Customer Success

5 Open Roles
Enterprise Customer Success Manager
United States (Remote) Apply
Reliability Success Manager
United States (Remote) Apply
Reliability Success Manager
Haifa, Israel (Hybrid) Apply
Solutions Engineer
Israel (Hybrid) Apply
Team Lead Customer Success Manager
United States (Remote) Apply


1 Open Role
Product Designer
Haifa, Israel (Hybrid) Apply

People Operations

2 Open Roles
Head of Organizational Development
Haifa, Israel (Hybrid) Apply
VP Business Partners
Israel (Hybrid) Apply

Professional Services

3 Open Roles
Head of Delivery
United States (Remote) Apply
Service Enablement Manager
United States (Remote) Apply
Service Engagement Manager
United States (Remote) Apply


4 Open Roles
Director of Data Science
Haifa, Israel (Hybrid) Apply
IoT Automation Engineer
Haifa, Israel (Hybrid) Apply
Solutions Engineer
United States (Remote) Apply
Squad Manager
Haifa, Israel (Hybrid) Apply


2 Open Roles
Account Specialist
United States (Remote) Apply
Enterprise Account Executive
United States (Remote) Apply


1 Open Role
General Application
Israel (Hybrid) Apply

What’s unique about us?

Everybody's asked to work from home, and yet everyone keeps coming to the office... Daniel Barsky — Data Scientist Tech Lead
Other than having great leaders that empower us to reach our full potential, we always find time and creative ways to get together, whether it's for an all-hands meeting or to hop on a karaoke session via zoom.
Marina Oliveira — Digital Marketing Manager
Augury is a community of people who truly care about each other. Both professionally and personally. Adi Soesan — Product Manager
Whether you're pitching an idea for a new process or singing karaoke with the CEO, your voice will be heard. Christian Smith — Reliability Engineer
You get to see your best friends every day at the office. Rotem Kellner — Frontend Team Lead
At Augury you’ll get to build a company, define an industry, and grow your career, while also enjoying the freedom to travel the world and be with loved ones during the moments that matter. Ben Huisman — Account Specialist
Augury's growth is based on the new, brilliant ideas that come from the team. Amir Bahalul — CTO Office
In all the decisions we make, big and small, we ensure that our people are happy, motivated and doing the things they love. Oded Valtzer — Backend Team Lead
At Augury you get to work with people that inspire you. You have the autonomy that allows you to continuously grow, and make a real impact on the world. Danielle Bar Shalev — Product Manager
You know those fantasy jobs that don't exist where you get to follow your passion every day and have fun doing it? Well, they do exist. Brandon Blatter — Reliability Engineer
I have more fun at Augury’s birthday party than I do at my own! Amy Marchesi — Account Specialist
Where else can you have a weekly virtual happy hour with the CEO! Jacob Grundy — Field Technician Team Lead
Augury’s managers make sure you always do your best and that you are satisfied with your work and personal development. Michal Crombie Zagagi — Backend Software Developer
Augury is a combination of great technology, world-changing products and amazing people that make you happy every day you arrive to work! Sameh Damuni — Mobile Developer
Absolutely the best experience I’ve had in my life is joining Augury! After working DOD and DOS, Augury has been the greatest learning curve and challenge I’ve experienced. I’m happy and satisfied with this people-first experience! Christopher Morrison — Field Technician
It's a great feeling knowing you're changing the industry one machine at a time. This year alone we set the bar using Augmented Reality for Vibration. Who does that? Justin Rukse — Manager, Technical Back Office
Augury’s culture is based on people and you can really feel it. The company thinks about your professional and personal growth. We support and help each other because we share a common goal. Liat Turgeman — Senior Bookkeeper
Augury believes in everyone on the team and has created an environment where one can be their authentic self. Tierra Meschell — Field Operations Administrator
We are an intelligent, agile and fun team committed to supporting a global network of customers as well as those around us. As a consumer, I'm regularly in awe as to how many industries/products that we touch and feel fortunate to be part of the machine health movement! Melissa Pasqua — Delivery Operations Manager
We understand that it's all about the people. Assaf Mizrachi — Head of Software
Every day I show up to work and there is a new, exciting challenge to tackle. Working alongside fun, talented people inspires me even more to take on those challenges head-on. Sigal Schwartz — Frontend Engineer